osmokrator as Teaching Aid for all Ages

There is a school of thought which says that serious ideas are arrived at through play, and this remarkable object, which has taken 20 years to perfect, provides a combination of both to a sensational degree. It therefore has potential for use at all levels of education, because it is based on universal principles, yet multivalent in application. Notice how children are fascinated by it and want to play with it - as much as adults do.

Clearly, although Cosmokrator can be used frivolously as a plaything, it also has great potential as a teaching aid to understand the restored universal languages of the Age of Aquarius now encroaching upon us (see Cosmokrator as World Age Clock and Calendar). As well as displaying the colour spectrum as the key waveband to which the higher and lower wavebands of existence in many other media can be related, it is a symbolic instrument that is also the first 3-D zodiac to incorporate all 12 Planets with their Signs (as spelt out in our table under Cosmokrator and Astrology).

It is enough just to look at Cosmokrator and spin it round to be captivated by a beauty that offers order combined with emotion. This is because it appeals to the whole human being – to his or her spirit, mind, psyche and body. It is equally relevant to both the Arts and the Sciences.

For this reason it is a tool that can be used to coordinate the different levels of ourselves. So much unhappiness is caused by the body pulling in one direction, emotions and spirit in another! Using Cosmokrator, along with the books, helps to regulate a child or an adult’s awareness of different orders of existence, by spelling out and pointing towards the simple rules of harmony in any subject.

In the final analysis, Cosmokrator provides a set of keys to understanding the worlds we live in.

Put another way, it embodies several alphabets for the universal languages of number, music, colour and Time. . It can be used as a touchstone to most subjects in the curriculum, as well as an aid in human development.

You may already know a great deal about the building blocks of the Universe and their interchange ability, through the different subjects you studied at school and university – in which case you will see straight away what Cosmokrator is about, and will be happy simply to look at the model sitting as a solid icon on your mantelpiece because it is a reminder that underneath our stressful lives the ordered Cosmos is at work.

Aside from the very general introduction given on this website and in Book 0, we plan a series of downloadable paperbacks to be published annually to help you plumb the far-reaching depths of its hidden possibilities (see under Forthcoming Books). Depending on y our personal progress these books can be treated as self-help manuals, teacher course-books or even ancillary school text books for children. All the texts can be printed out on A4 paper and filed in a ring-back folder to create a rainbow primer.

Those academics and professionals – whether in the sciences or the arts - already fully versed in the laws of colour, number and shape, will, I believe, see that Cosmokrator, held up to their audience or classroom, fully accounts for the principles of their particular field of knowledge without compromise. Not even needing to read our booklets, they will see the potential of this symbolic model of the universe for explaining aspects of their subject succinctly.

In the final analysis, Cosmokrator provides a set of keys to most branches of knowledge, as well as to the possibilities of their interconnection – this is true String Theory. It is a touchstone, a solid mnemonic like the Neolithic stone balls - an item you cannot afford to be without, however young, however old, you are.