our Spiritual Growth through Cosmokrator

In your use of Cosmokrator’s colours and signs you are linking back to man’s earliest history, since it is based on the most ancient precedents possible that have been tried and tested over millennia to enhance your daily life by linking you to the Cosmos.

In the ancient world each planet or sign was revered as a God or Goddess, symbolized by a human type or an animal (see our Books 10, 15 & 16). Our bibliography for the whole series, to be given in Book 14, will list all our source books that explore these links. Cosmokrator is one of the first instruments to pull ancient and modern knowledge together into one interrelated body of knowledge. A supplementary booklet to the main series, Book 7A (see Forthcoming Books) - which we make available at the same time as Book 0 - underlines that the activity of finding interconnections between different worlds has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia - most notably in Sumer, Akkad and Babylon - and to prove it, we have the authentic tables of correspondences, astrological tables and other evidence written in cuneiform on clay tablets dating back to sometimes as far back as 3000BC!

Do you sometimes find you are repeating the same behaviour or getting into the same mood or situation again and again? You need to balance yourself, and the first way to do this is to locate on Cosmokrator your opposite – in colour terms - to your Sun Sign, into which each of us is deeply embedded. To live solely by being powered from our central powerhouse - our Sun Sign characteristics - is sometimes a disadvantage for overall health since the qualities of each planet and sign have both an upside and a downside! Take one example – Virgo’s obsession with creating ordered structures can create her own cage of Bronze - from which she sometimes needs to be liberated by a swirl of chaos caused by the Magenta octopus tentacles of a Piscean activity such as swimming.

Look on the model and look on the sign above or below yours (remember, all the symbols for the Signs are collected around the Equator of the model as you stand it on Sirius, or hold it between your forefingers with the North Pole upwards). You will find the colour complementary to yours that in several ways is the key to filling in the gaps in your life, whether through dress, DIY or contact with other people.

Your complementary colour could even conjure up the idea of an activity you need to undertake to contrast with the habitual routines that keep you in a rut – for instance, one person who found deep green was their opposite colour said it must refer to the gardening which keeps him sane!

It is fascinating how, as the Age of Pisces draws to a close, so many people of the world have borrowed the religion, dress or music of another group of people at the opposite ends of the earth (take as one example how Westerners have become Muslims and Muslims have become Westerners). This is instinctive group balancing going on.

At a high level people feel a natural lack, and seek to fill it by something they come across from another culture. I remember walking into a newsagent where the shopkeeper was a Chinese person from Hong Kong. She saw I was wearing a Chinese silk jacket of the kind you can easily buy in London’s Soho. ‘You’re wearing my clothes’, she said. ‘And you’re wearing mine’, I said, looking at her standing behind the counter in European blouse and skirt!

By starting to see the seven pairs of opposites at work in life around us, Cosmokrator can be used more deeply as a focus for meditation, whether in the abstract, or in connection with related divine powers.

The power of physically seen colour is so empowering to us humans because it is the reverberation back to an invisible God or Goddess - which is what the Planets and Signs were to ancient societies - they saw no division between the two. Using another vocabulary, we could say colour links us to the Angels, and ultimately to God, the White Light.

Each colour is a Power, and using colour consciously is a fruitful spiritual activity in itself, even if we think we are not the kind of person to pray or meditate or go to church, mosque, temple or synagogue (see Book 0 for full coverage of this).

Some people prefer the idea that all the colours of the rainbow are combined into the One White Light, or the One Absolute God (Jehovah/Allah/Krishna/Shiva/Nirvana – whatever the name) – but others find the approach to the one Source via the separate colours or separate divinities that make up a Pantheon much more accessible and appealing. This is where Cosmokrator comes in because it splits up the White-Black axis into the colours they contain within them, each of which is a path back to central Axis at the Centre.

It follows from the primary exercise of this introduction to Cosmokrator into (oppositions) that to start with you should work to increase polarity in your life. Concentrate on the difference between Male and Female, rather than obliterating them. Be awake in the daytime and sleep when it’s night, rather than trying to make one into the other.

You will find other areas of your life, we are sure, where you can enhance the quality of your experiences by setting up stronger contrasts – even in such a mundane area as eating at meals and not eating between them; replenishing your spirit by silence and then listening to complex, really harmonic, music.

Be daring, maybe the best thing for you is to marry an African or paint the exterior of your house pink, rather than live a monochrome life! Explore and reassess!

Colour, Music and Number are all reflectors of these vast divine powers in higher worlds that can provide us with bridges from our mundane physical world to divine refreshment. Cosmokrator in the end has to be taken as an indicator of the ideal whole person in whole experience mode – an instrument that looks at the relation of the parts to the whole. These themes are fully explored in Books 1, 2 and 3..

Follow all that Cosmokrator leads to: listen to a symphony; sit on a rich Persian carpet; visit a great cathedral; look at great art; live in virgin nature unaltered by the hand of mankind, love others for their whole being (rather than just their body)! The final result of working with Cosmokrator is to know and experience the Universe - in whatever modes come to you naturally.

You might want to share your experiences of how Cosmokrator has led you to balance your life, by sending your story to asia@cosmokrator.com and we will post the best ones on the Feedback section.

We hope in the future to give public demonstrations or hold teach-ins using Cosmokrator – this depends on how the first users of Cosmokrator take to it. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Cosmokrator, please send them to asia@cosmokrator.com.